What To Do For White Ant Infestation?

Home owners are often tormented by white ant infestation which can be lethal for the wood works of a building as well as for the foundation of homes. It is necessary to get an inspection done as soon as one fears such infestation so that the right kind of control is executed at the right time. 

Characteristics of white ants

White ants or termites are known to be subterranean species. They are voracious feeders of wood and can create extensive damage to wood works of a building or home if preventative measures are not taken promptly. Hence, if you fear infestation of termites in your home or building it is important that you schedule a termite inspection without further ado. An experienced inspector will be able to study your home wooden structures and frames and be able to test them for signs of infestation. They usually employ different techniques for treatment depending on the kind of infestation that is found. Among the methods used are soil treatment, mechanical alteration, and wood treatment and termite bait methods.

Conditions for the infestation

There are certain conditions that often encourage the infestation of termites. For instance, the presence of moist wood, paper and cardboard are ideal surfaces or food on which such pests can thrive. Usually termite barrier Central Coast  methods are used in certain cases whereby wood, paper and cardboard sources are removed as much as possible and away from the soil surface. Termites usually travel through the ground and seek such materials in which to build nests. Mechanical alteration involves fixing any such gaps that might exist around one’s home and increase ventilation so that moisture accumulation or content is less around your home.

Popular treatments for the ants

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