Some Advantages Of Pipe Welding

Welding pipes together, rather than using screw fittings, have a number of advantages. We will take a look at those, but it is not an inclusive list, because the advantages, in engineering terms are many. Also there are a few basic ways in which to connect pipes, where the old fashioned ways work best. We leave them out of our discussion.

Platform ladders may be required for the welding jobs we speak about, as they offer numerous advantages over step ladders, the main being stability. When you’re above ground level, it is essential that you have a stable footing, and these ladders ensure that you do.

Sometimes, lifting equipment may also be required for jobs like these, because the pipes we speak of are quite heavy in weight. One of the basic advantages in welding together is the elimination of unnecessary fittings. When we have a screw system on pipes, there needs to be fittings on almost every joint. But, welding can be done on any form and on all locations of the pipe. When we eliminate threads from the picture, we can also use thinner wall pipes. When we have big jobs on our hands and long runs, this translates into a lot of cost savings.

Also, where fitted pipes are required, it becomes more labor intensive, thus driving up costs. They will be required to thread at the ends of pipes and put fittings in place manually. Many times we see that equipment associated with threaded pipes is much higher than even the simplest of welding equipments.

Fitted pipes witness a lot of turbulence and fluid opposition to the flow through the pipe; this is not seen in welding jobs. If the welding is done properly, we see a smooth, streamlined contour on both insides and outsides of the pipe joints. Also, a welded pipe is more amenable to replacement than a fitted pipe. Often, repairs can be made in situ. With fitted joints, they have to be unscrewed, repaired and then put back in place, again translating to more time and effort. Vibrations are more easily tackled in welded joints; there is minimum vibration and lower risk of leaks in welded pipe systems. Insulation is also more easily achieved in welded pipe systems. When you have a fitted pipe system in place, there’ll be more trouble associated with insulation because of the added bumps at the sites of jointing.

In situations where the pipes need to be close to one another, welding achieves the task much more efficiently than fittings. With the increase in pipe size, the labor and cost of fittings increase in direct proportions, which is not the case in welding.

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