Month: March 2019

A tyre changer is a machine which is used to help the tyre technicians to mount or dismount the tyres along with motor vehicle wheels. Once the tyre is removed from the automobile, the tyre changer have a full capability and all components necessary to replace and remove tyre from the wheel. there are different scales of tyre changers which according to functionality able the technicians to replace the tyres of different modes vehicles like auto-mobiles, Motorbikes, and even heavy duty trucks.

Business and occupations all around the world are getting efficient and profit making as people are getting used to technology and innovations. In terms of Automobiles, it is very tyresome and tough to demount the tyre from the wheel. In the same way it is not an easy job to mount back the tyre on the wheel. Innovation and technology introduced a machine that has the capability to do the above mentioned task easily and even more efficiently. This equipment is you can say is a must for an auto-mobile workshop.A tyre changer for sale has some of the following basic components:

• Mount and demount which allow you to have a vertical slide and duck head.

• Foot pedals are the two pedals in automatic tyre changing machine. left side pedal is known as clamp control and right one is known as top pedal

• Rim Clamps are the clamps that holds the wheel firmly.

• Bead Loosening Mechanism helps us to lose the tyre from the wheel

• Air Pressure System helps you to infuse air in to the tyre when the whole work is done.

There are a lot of advantages of using a tyre changer because this machine saves time and effort. Tire changer are the machines that helps you at your home or workshop to do your tyre works with such less efficiency and you can say effortlessly because machines are made to do jobs in a minimal amount and less efficiency but now the question is how and where to buy a new tyre changer.

Jonair services is a specialist in supplying, repairing, training and distributing the best quality Auto motive equipment. They have a wide range of products and equipment in which Wheel Balancers, Tire changers, hoists and hydraulic jacks are included. They even provide an easy access to various parts and equipment like wrenches for cars, mobile truck tyre changers and mining purposes. They have a wide range supply chains throughout Australia specially dealing with AirBoss, Maxam, MessMatic, McMillan, Sice & Jonair manufactured products. They provide Australian made quality equipment which even includes all the tyre management accessories like wheel lifters, tyre spreaders, inflation cages and test tanks for the safety measures of workshop.


Tire changer is a machine that helps you replace, repair, demount and mount the tyres of your vehicles and do all the work in a minimal amount of time and almost effortlessly. Jonair is a well-known specialists in services providing and also assist your with expertise. They provide Australian made products throughout Australia.